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Why Doctorney
Perception is different from reality. Now let us understand REALITY
1) Reality is doctors are growth engine of health industries, but the perception is doctors are out to make money
2) The reality is that doctors are nucleus and center focal point, rest all moves around, BUT yet most weak, feeble and impact
less in policy making, decision making, and execution. The perception is that doctors are running the system and benefitng
most from it.
The reality is that everybody else thrives upon the HARDSHIP of Doctors, whether insurance companies, hospital economy,
medical tourism companies, travel and hotel industries, or other staff, BUT still doctors are living on the mercy of draconian
government regulations, insurance authority's decision (For example, only two dose of chemotherapy is permissible, doctor is
not allowed to give three, even if his clinical judgement favors)
Doctors are given a label or tag such as one lakh rupees fees, but in reality doctors are able to make only 23 % of their fees
as they bear the burden of refunding double or manifold if the patient is dissatisfied, notorious, or does not like paying the
Doctors are working in odd conditions odd timings, odd perks, and in odd hazardous environments without proper
Doctors are divided by specialities, areas, faculties and countries ...but for the first time we seek to unite doctors through a
single platform where doctors of all specialities and countries can be protected, represented and empowered to raise a
uniited voice for the betterment of thiier lives, ethics, and work culture
Dr. Vijay Sharma, MBBS, Master of Surgery, MISCS (USA), MISCPRS (USA), MAAARS (USA), MAACS(USA), MEACS(UK), FACCS
(AUST), Board ertfied Cosmetic Surgeon, International Board for Cosmetic Surgery - is an internationally renowned cosmetic
surgeon who has also battled ases in court and has been successfull. Through the medium of the Internet, he is now creating
this venture to support doctors and protect them from malicious litigatiion from others.
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