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How Helps You 11/28/2013 7:10:55 PM
Reputation goes hand in hand with medical practice.

Attacks on doctors are on the rise. Doctors find it difficult to focus on treating patients as they are soft targets for malicious attacks. With growing number of disputes among doctors and patients, it is becoming extremely difficult to maintain nobleness of the profession as every patient appears as a potential litigant to the doctor and the patient looks at the doctor as though the doctor is going to rip the patient off. is a mission to protect the doctor and save health by maintaining the highest degree of patients safety and professional integrity.

Attacks on doctors can come in the form of bogus complaints and litigation or harassment through vandalism, threatening, disrupting practice during meeting hours or leveling false accusations. 

 Doctorney helps protect doctors and thereby save health in many ways.
    1. Immediate Legal Aid
           a) Call freely at 8080809363 from  anywhere in India and get answers to your queries
           b) Avail of the special database of advocates and law firms that have agreed to let us make their information available for the cause of protecting doctors. 

You can contact them directly or also through our Website for the legal assistance that you require. 

     2. Security - Protecting the doctor from physiical harm or injury is important. Security agencies help in also protecting the clinic from vandalism and damage and also ensure that lives and property are at utmost safety..

     3. Electronic Surveillance Assistance Search our database for providers of equipment such as CCTV and voice recorders. 

     4. Media Handling and Guidance  - Wthout recording doctors version, imbalanced or biased news should not be telecasted. It is important to bring the truth to the surface without falsely maligning the name of the physician in the interest of patients saftey and professional integrity.

     5. Moral Support from academic and social organizations to you as well as to family and friends.
       > Handling of accusing patients and clients
       >Help in handling complaints (made at police stations or other forums)
       >Handling of Media (Electronic and Press)
       >Handling Professional Colleagues  
       >Handling Public
       >Help in handling testimony in prosecution
Consent Form: An important legal entity 11/28/2013 7:10:36 PM
By Dr. Vijay Sharma

Consent has to be obtained from persons before subjecting them to a medical or surgical procedure or healthcare intervention. Consent has to be taken before the procedure or healthcare intervention and has to be informed meaning that the persons giving consent -

•    Are adults representing themselves or are guardians of minors who are about to undergo such a procedure
•    Are of a sound mind and are in full possession of their reasoning faculties. This means that they are not subjected to threat, coercion, torture, blackmail, or emotional or mental stress.  They are not sleep deprived, intoxicated, delirious, demented, under an epileptic seizure, sedated, or comatose.
•    Have been fully informed about the procedure and understand all its consequences, implications, risks, and alternative options.
•    Have been made aware of the decisions that will be taken in their best interests during the procedure and when they are taken when they are under anesthesia or in grave danger of their lives

An example of a consent form is given here. It shows how the language must be simple enough and be all encompassing and also document how interests of all parties are safeguarded.

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